Told by William, Wellbeing Job Club Client at Worcester Community Trust

“I accessed the Wellbeing Job Coach service at Worcester Community Trust after receiving notice that I was being made redundant from the job I had for over 12 years.

“I was made to feel welcome and reassured by my Wellbeing Job Coach Lisa-Jane, who was able to help me plan to improve my confidence which I had lost and help me find a new job as soon as possible. To do this I volunteered to attend “Wellbeing walks” which helped me meet new people and socialise. This gave me distraction from worrying about the negative aspects of the redundancy, and process what I needed to do in a positive way.

“I also received help to improve and update my CV, and I was encouraged to apply for jobs, volume applying for similar jobs to the one I was being made redundant from, but also other jobs that are within my skill set. Due to this I was given many job interviews which Lisa-Jane helped me prepare for by asking me a range of questions which I could expect during the interviews.

“Lisa-Jane continued to give me advice and support during the redundancy process, making sure that I knew what to expect from the employer and redundancy pay, as a result I was able to arrange for an exit interview and for the questions they will ask to be sent to me beforehand so I can prepare my responses.

“The outcome of the support I received is that I was able to secure a new job before completing the notice period for the redundancy and have been able to expand my social circle having made many new friends during the wellbeing walks.

“Thank you for the above support. William”