Be a champion for people
affected by domestic abuse in your community

You may be the only person they can talk to 

Right now in your local community, there are people suffering from domestic abuse who are stuck with their perpetrators and their children, with no access to support from available services.

Could you help us recognise victims within your community and provide them with the correct details of support options available in Worcestershire?

By becoming a Domestic Abuse Champion you will be given full support and training from our Community Engagement team in order to be able to carry out the role, which can fit alongside your every day life.

Becoming a champion will not take a huge amount of your time, but it could make a huge difference to people who are in need.

Domestic abuse is something I have always been aware of. It can be a very lonely time for victims, and therefore I  wanted to offer my support to anyone who is living and going through it. The training I received has helped build my confidence in offering support. (June, Domestic Abuse Champion)

With our free training and support you will be able to:

  • Understand domestic abuse, the impact it has, and the signs to look out for
  • Become confident in signposting people to appropriate professional agencies and support services
  • Learn how to address barriers that people may be facing in accessing domestic abuse support

social response is what victims rely on to make change and stay free, and this is what our champions can provide. In turn victims can recognise what abuse is, know what their options are, and take back control. This will reduce the number of those reaching crisis point. This can help save lives.

Speak to the team

If you are interested and would like to find out more, contact the team on or complete our enquiry form using the link below.