Our fantastic youth team run a weekly program of mini youth clubs and youth clubs for young people aged 8 to school Year 6 (Mini Youth) and school Year 7 to aged 18 (Youth) throughout the year at our community hubs across Worcester. The sessions include a variety of activities including sports, football coaching, art and crafts, and opportunities to develop a range of life skills, meet friends in a safe environment and explore issues that affect them. 

Our youth sessions also offer weekly one to one support sessions with an Onside Youth Support worker which gives young people the opportunity to learn skills and techniques to better manage their own emotional well being and improve their confidence and self esteem in a confidential safe space. Contact us for more info.

Booking is not required for our after school and youth clubs and each session costs £1 per person.
We do require that an enrolment form is completed –  we can discuss this when we meet you.
If paying is an issue, please contact our youth workers. 


Wednesdays at The Green Community Hub, Gresham Road, Worcester, WR2 5QS

4pm to 5.30pm Mini Youth Club (for age 8 to school year 6)

6pm to 7pm – Girl’s Youth Group (school year 7 to aged 18) 

7pm to 8pm – Boy’s Youth Group (school year 7 to aged 18) 

Thursdays at The Horizon Community Hub, Midland Road, Worcester, WR5 1DS

4pm to 5.30pm Mini Youth Club (for age 8 to school year 6)

4pm to 6pm – Girl’s Youth Group (school year 7 to aged 18)

6pm to 8pm – Boy’s Youth Group (school year 7 to aged 18) 

Fridays at The KGV Hub, Ash Avenue, Worcester, WR4 9TL

4pm to 5.30pm Mini Youth Club (for age 8 to school year 6)

6pm to 8pm – Youth Club (school year 7 to aged 18) 


The role of youth workers

Youth workers encourage young people to get actively involved in addressing issues that affect them personally and/or that they believe are important. They work to amplify young peoples’ voices and create safe spaces where young people can discuss issues that affect their lives and take part in positive activities.

The primary role of the Youth worker is to build positive relationships with the young people to improve outcomes for young people. These include:

  • Providing positive opportunities and experiences that will unlock potential, make their voices heard and create a greater sense of community and responsibility
  • Developing young people’s personal effectiveness through building their ability to arrive at their own choices and solutions to problems
  • Making links between the different aspects of young people’s lives
  • Setting and demonstrating appropriate standards of behaviour
  • Keeping young people safe from physical and mental harm
  • Putting proper supervision in place, through which adults provide clear, appropriate and consistent rules and expectations

Speak to the team

To talk to a member of the youth team, please call 0772 9092 124 or email