JOY is a women only community project which provides support to enable women gain a variety of skills, enhance their confidence and empower them to make their own informed decisions.

  • JOY is an inclusive service, open to all women at any stage of their journey.
  • JOY supports women across a broad spectrum, with wide ranging abilities, support needs, background and goals.
  • JOY seeks to support women to assess their own current skills, build their confidence, raise their aspirations, and support them in creating a future plan
  • Each woman will access a journey tailored to their own specific abilities, needs and goals

Through a mixture of group work and individual support women will be supported to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Access advice and specialist services
  • Access courses and training
  • Develop friendships and support network
  • Develop independence
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Make informed decisions for the future
  • Raise their aspirations and achieve their dreams


We are open 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday
Friday: 9am-4.30pm

We are based at:

The Tolly Hub
Rowan Avenue

Project Manager: Sam 07435 790833
Project Worker: JoRae 07341 457917

Support Worker: Zahida 07392 319806
Support Worker: Kerry 07399 208362

Or EMail: