JOY – Wellbeing Support for Women in Worcestershire

JOY is a female and female identifying wellbeing group which provides support to enable women to gain a variety of skills, enhance their confidence and empower them to make their own informed decisions.

JOY is a safe, inclusive service, open to all women at any stage of their journey. It supports women across a broad spectrum, with wide ranging abilities, support needs, backgrounds and goals.

JOY seeks to support women to assess their own current skills, build their confidence, raise their aspirations, and support them in creating a future plan. Each woman will access a journey tailored to their own specific abilities, needs and goals.

Through a mixture of group work and individual support women will be supported by a named key worker to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Access advice and specialist services
  • Access courses and training
  • Develop friendships and a support network
  • Develop independence
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Make informed decisions for the future
  • Raise their aspirations and achieve their dreams

With JOY I feel like I belong. It gives me inner strength and makes me feel normal. It makes me feel more sociable

Activities with JOY include …


10am to 1pm – Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire (different activity every week) at our Redditch location

1pm to 2pm – Mindful Movement at our Worcester location 


10am to 12pm – Positive Minds at our Worcester location

11.30am to 1pm – Personalised Patchwork at our Worcester location

11.45am – Cooking on a Budget at our Worcester location

12pm to 3pm –  Positive Minds, cooking and Mindful Crafting


10am to 1pm Positive Minds and Embroidery at our Kidderminster location

10am to 1pm Mindful with Cassie at our Bromsgrove location

10.30am to 11am Mindful Movement – Online


10am to 12 noon Positive Minds and Embroidery at our Droitwich location 

12 noon to 1pm Mindful Movement at our Droitwich location

To speak to a member of the JOY team, please call 07341 457917, email or complete one of our referral forms using the links below. The JOY project is currently available for female and female identifying clients in Worcester, Malvern, Bromsgrove, Redditch and Droitwich. 

JOY support can include:

  • An initial assessment and personal development plan
  • Regular reviews with project staff
  • A weekly timetable of activities from coffee drop-ins to yoga and craft sessions
  • Holiday activities such as group picnics and group outings (some child friendly activities)
  • Emotional resilience courses and 121 or group coaching sessions
  • Access to other visiting professionals and agencies at JOY days
  • After crisis support and signposting to specialist agencies 

Speak to the team

To speak to a member of the JOY team, please call 07341 457917, email or complete one of our referral forms using the links below.