Told by Sharon, Snack & Chat Project Manager at Worcester Community Trust. The name of the person in this story has been changed to protect our client’s identity.

Lily’s daughter contacted me on behalf of her mother. She was trying to find somewhere for her mum to make new friends and leave the house. She explained that when COVID hit, lockdown wasn’t kind to her mum. She was cut off from the world for many weeks and it really affected her mental health and exacerbated the start of dementia. During the same period of time, Lily lost her driving licence, adding to her isolation.

Lily is in her early eighties. She suffers with arthritis, has limited mobility and the GP confirmed last summer that she has early signs of dementia. 

Lily lives alone surrounded by younger families and couples who have busy lives – she rarely sees her neighbours. Her daughter became her main carer and only visitor during COVID and she soon realised she needed some help to get her mum out of the house. By this time she has become socially isolated and very withdrawn, lonely and forgetful.

Worcestershire Hub gave Lily’s daughter my contact details. She called me straight away I told her about the Snack & chat project. I also mentioned the Extend class. She was absolutely thrilled, the only obstacle was getting her there as her daughter works during the day, so I signposted her to Worcester Wheels.

Lily now comes to our Community Connectors bingo sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday, followed by Snack & Chat. She did try the Extend classes, but the exercise proved to be too much for her. Lily has made so many friends it feels like she has always been there. Since joining Snack & Chat. Lily has enjoyed our cream tea events, Christmas events and she even joined us for the Panto in January.

Her daughter tells me it has really improved the quality of her Mum’s life. She says it is a lifeline for her and her Mum, in a society where the older generation continues to increase the provision seems to be desperately lacking.

“Without you guys and your lovely volunteers I really don’t know where mum would be.

“Where else could my mother go to spend a few hours out of the house, where she is cared for in a warm safe environment enjoying a game of Bingo a cuppa and a biscuit followed by a warm home cooked lunch for just £5. I can never thank you enough. You have transformed our lives I cannot stress how important this is to us. Your duty of care is second to none.”