Funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)  and Worcestershire Counity Council Public Health, our Domestic Abuse Champions Project is a new support service to help anyone who has been affected by domestic abuse in South Worcestershire.

Homeless applications in Worcestershire are on a dramatic rise, of which an increasing number is due to domestic abuse victims needing to flee in a crisis. Our Domestic Abuse Champions are helping those in need prior to reaching crisis point and those who are at risk of re-entering abusive cycles.

Our Domestic Abuse Champions complete our accredited training course in order to provide support in two areas of the project:




Jo Jefferson, DAWN Project Manager

Call: 07713 200699

Or Email: or

Professional Champions

  • Offering a safe place at work or at their business for staff and customers
  • Trained to listen and respond with care
  • Knowledge on criminal, civil and housing options
  • Risk Assessment and safety planning awareness
  • Resources to local services and agencies
  • Access to confidential domestic abuse specialist support

Community Champions

  • Listening support via dedicated phone line
  • Face to Face support
  • Practical support through court processes or legal proceedings
  • Making referrals to other agencies
  • Encouragement & Confidence building
  • Social groups & fun meet ups

Community Champions

Our Community Champions are a friendly team of passionate volunteers with wide ranges of experiences & qualifications who are offering their time and care. These Champions provide listening support & confidential advice to those with history of domestic abuse, or those who may be experiencing ongoing lower-risk domestic abuse.

If a survivor or agency would like to make a referral to our Community Domestic Abuse Champions, please complete the referral form on this page which will be sent to the Domestic Abuse Champion Coordinator for processing. If the referral is more suited to another service, contact will be made with the referrer to notify.

Professional Domestic Abuse Champions

As domestic abuse professionals, we recognise that there is a need for more support at the beginning when something just “doesn’t feel right” in a domestic setting. It may not feel like enough to call the police or speak to a domestic abuse helpline for, but those worries are there. At this point, many victims rely on the social response and those around them to seek advice.

We have trained nominated Worcestershire Champions in schools, charities, financial services and more, who are right now offering a safe space to staff and customers.

If you would like to nominate a Domestic Abuse Champion(s) within your organisation, please contact us on the details above.

For a small fee, we also provide an accredited training day specifically for employers & businesses, with basic domestic abuse learning but primarily focusing on what support they should provide to their staff on domestic abuse. We also include guidance on creating a HR policy for any member of staff suffering from domestic abuse. If your organisation would benefit from this course, please contact Jo for more information.

Domestic Abuse Champion Training

All Champions complete training that has been created by the Domestic Abuse Champion Coordinator (an accredited & experienced domestic abuse specialist), and includes:

  • What is domestic abuse, what are perpetrator’s tactics, and why do they work?
  • “Why don’t you just leave” & barriers preventing victims accessing support
  • Effective support & motivational interviewing
  • Risk assessment, safety planning & confidentiality
  • Criminal, civil & housing options, and local agencies/services available in Worcestershire
  • Self-care & boundaries

A Domestic Abuse Champion file is provided to each Champion with processes, useful resources & tools, relevant forms, and a directory of local services.

Through this exciting project, we hope that more victims can make informed decisions with support from those around them.

We hope that survivors feel they can stay strong in their resolve to be out of unhealthy relationships and not re-enter any cycle of abuse, whilst making some lasting friendships along the way.

We hope that as a community, we can work together to say “no more” to domestic abuse.

Register your interest to become a Domestic Abuse Champion by completing our ‘Register your interest’ form

Register your interest

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