In 2015 Worcester Community Trust ran its first Toys for Tots Campaign which was extremely successful, so much so that we organised it again for 2016.

The scheme is aimed at local companies and their staff to consider buying an extra present at Christmas to be distributed to disadvantaged children in the Worcester area. Once the gift is bought, it is placed under the participating companies Christmas Tree awaiting for it to be collected.

The scheme was once again extremely well supported by generous local Companies and their staff which included Worcester Bosch, Mazak, Worcestershire County Council, Namesco, AKW, Sanctuary Housing, Titania Ltd, Wickens Engineering, Vandermoortele, Hereford and Worcester Chamber of Commerce and Spin UK. Toys & Games of Broad Street in Worcester also allowed their shop to be a collection point as well as donating Toys to the scheme.

Richard Soper CBE who set up the scheme in 2015 said, “This was once again a wonderful show of support from local companies and their staff who have thought about other less fortunate people over Christmas. I would like to personally thank them for their support and for making a difference”.

There are many cases which we could refer to highlight how powerful this campaign is and the difference it makes but there are two in particular which we would like to briefly tell you about.

At one of our centres we were met with a desperate person whose partner had recently passed away. Losing the main source of income this person was left penniless and had come to Worcester Community Trust for help. They did not know about the Toys for Tots campaign and the children would have had to go without with no other family to support them. Thanks to the generosity of those giving to the campaign we were at least able to give the Children some very nice Christmas presents to help alleviate what was an extremely sad time.

Secondly, another single Parent who works to support her Family to pay her bills had no money left over to pay for presents for her children. As this person is someone that we give advice to and see on a regular basis we were in a position to know that the children would have received nothing at Christmas. We were able to take a box of presents for the children. These gifts were not asked for but we cannot begin to tell you how gratefully they were received.

Both Families and all of the other Families that were helped would like to thank every person that donated to Toys for Tots.

Action for Children were one of the organisations that helped to distribute some of the toys, using their network of Social Workers, Children’s Centres and individual families, giving the presents to children aged from 1-13.

We at Worcester Community Trust would also like to thank each and every person who gave to the Toys for Tots appeal.