This tale started in September 2016 and it came about because we listen to BBC Hereford & Worcester at the Customer Services Office. Our particular favourite is Malcolm Boyden and he runs a regular slot called Malc’s Miracle, where Malcolm and his team help people across Hereford & Worcester with a dilemma they have.

The story started with a lady in Worcester called Una, also known as “The Hosta Lady”. She travels around the Country giving lectures on Hosta Plants. Una is assited by a mobility scooter which she would tow in a trailer behind her car. Unfortunately, the trailer was stolen in August which left Una housebound as she could no longer get to the events she regularly attends & the focal point of her life, which made her incredibly sad.

After hearing the call, we phoned into the show and offered to help. It started with us looking at making a new trailer in The Building Block but the time it would take to make meant it could be months before Una was back on the road. Our solution was to go back to Malcolm and put out another appeal for help – to find someone who had a trailer which they didn’t want.

Within an hour our appeal was answered and we were given the details of Jan & Peter from Bewdley who had a trailer which they no longer used and were happy to donate to help Una. We picked the trailer up the following day thanks to Spin UK, an engineering company based in St Johns who had a van with a tow bar.

The trailer was delivered direct to The Building Block where Peter and his team set about to convert. Our next problem was that we needed some wood to build the sides and thanks to our second appeal, Tom from Buildbase in Worcester contacted us to offer help.

Over the next couple of weeks, which saw Una regularly popping over get an update, the team completed the task which also included a donation of a piece of synthetic grass from Webbs of Wychbold.

Finally on the 18th October, BBC Hereford and Worcester came over to The Building Block where Malcolm unveiled the finished trailer to Una (pictured).

We were delighted to be able to help Malcolm Boyden to make this miracle happen, thanks to the many people that came forward to help!