Toys for Tots is a run by Worcester Community Trust supported by many Companies in Worcester and the surrounding areas. The scheme is aimed at local companies and their staff to consider buying an extra present at Christmas which will be distributed to disadvantaged children in the Worcester area.

Once the gift is bought, we ask it be placed under the Company Christmas Tree. We then collect the presents around the 18th December and then distribute them amongst various charities in the City as well as to disadvantaged children, whose families may not have spare cash. To help us with distribution, we are asking that gifts are wrapped with a small label to state what the present is and whether it is for a boy or girl and the age range.

Toys for Tots is a charitable scheme set up by Richard Soper CBE at Worcester Community Trust (WCT) in collaboration with many local companies. The scheme aims to make Chistmas special for disadvantaged children around the region.

For this years project Richard Soper said,This is an opportunity for us all to think about others during the Christmas period.  Whilst we’re out shopping all we have to do is to buy an extra present for a child that we don’t know but would really appreciate this act of kindness.   We were delighted with the response from the companies in Worcestershire last Christmas and are looking forward to delivering the presents to the children once again this year.“

If you would like to take part in the Toys for Tots campaign please email: or please call Rich on 07392 319806 or simply complete the short form below and we will get back in touch.

If you would like to take part in the Toys for Tots campaign and are not part of a Company, we would still love to hear from you, every single present makes a difference – you will be able to take your present to any of our Hubs in December. 

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Feel free to ask a question about the Toys for Tots 2017 appeal here.

In 2016 donations of presents were also made via Toys & Games of Broad Street, Worcester.

Below are several photos from last years appeal