We do like to hear back from people who have taken courses at The Building Block who have gone on to help other people, volunteer for community projects or just to decorate at home.

Early in 2018 Josie took an Electrical and Plumbing Course and recently got in touch to update us on a Bathroom Project.

“I work in a Bank and I wanted to not just decorate my Bathroom at home but to completely transform it. Having taking the Building Block Courses, the first part of the project was to remove the old bathroom which included the electric shower and an extractor fan. Next on the list was to remove a stud wall extending the bathroom size from 1.3m x 2.7m to 2m x 3.3m.”

“I then added a demister light up cabinet over the new sink, then a new bath and shower as well as tiling the walls and laying a vinyl floor. I started on 25th August with the bulk of the work finished in two weeks, I took one week off work and the second week I completed after work. For the final finish it took a few more weeks, but I took my time over that. If I had taken time off, I think I could have completed all of it in two weeks. The entire bathroom cost £2,000.

I would like to thank Pete and the guys at The Building Block for their expert tuition during the courses and for saving me a fortune!!

Best Wishes


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