Reconnections is a FREE service funded by the County Council and Clinical Commissioning Groups for residents of Worcestershire who are over 50 and want to connect with people, places or activities in their area. If you know someone who is feeling lonely or isolated then this could be for them. Over 1,600 people have signed up so far and the team of volunteers are busy helping clients to get more out of life.

Sandra did just that and she’s not looked back. She was overweight with several health issues and spent most of her time on the sofa watching TV. Her doctor’s surgery told her about Reconnections.

 Change came in the form of Rosanna – a volunteer from Reconnections. Not everyone likes the same things, and so Reconnections starts by getting to know each person individually.

 Sandra admits that she was initially nervous about getting involved with Reconnections because “I didn’t feel that I had anything to offer”. Six months later, Sandra now has a busy schedule of regular activities and even supports two other people by volunteering.

 “Now I’m laughing and chatting with people… I haven’t done that for seven years, since my husband died”. Since starting to use Reconnections Sandra has lost weight, reduced her blood pressure and got her confidence back. From armchair aerobics to weekly group singing, she’s happy, healthy and having fun – and supporting others to discover that change too. 

Alf had a different story – he lived with his family in a busy household but missed connecting with people his own age since his wife died. He got in touch with Reconnections after seeing an advert in the paper. He was matched to a volunteer who helped him access groups nearby and he now plays his harmonica with his new friends. He also wanted to be able to communicate with his teenage grandchildren so Reconnections helped him use his Smartphone.

Whether you are looking for time to chat with someone at home, company to get out, or motivation to join in with activities, Reconnections may be the answer. Do you know someone who is feeling lonely or do you think that you or someone you know could make a difference by volunteering, Reconnections would love to hear from you.

You can get in touch by calling – 01905 740954