We are looking to start a childrens marching band.

It will be similar to the old Ronkswood Girls Marching Band which was set up by Mr & Mrs Drew of Ronkswood back in the 1970’s, which was a very familiar sight to people across the City, especially during the Worcester Carnival.

The band will be open to all children across the City.

We are initially looking for:

A band leader
Volunteers to help run the band to help with music, marching, costumes and general organisation
Band members

Once we have got volunteers and members to be part of the band, we will then look at uniforms and our aim is to be ready for the Worcester Carnival 2019.

We already have a major support with RY Events & Auction House in Sherriff Street, Worcester donating 10% from its auctions to support the band by purchasing instruments and other equipment.

RY EVENTS & AUCTION HOUSE run auctions every Wednesday at 6.30pm with viewing from 10am. If you have anything you would like to donate please contact Roger Yeomans on 07545 155617

For further information please contact Lisa Craven lisa@worcestercommunitytrust.org.uk or call Lisa on 07493 408034

Our photos show the Ronkswood Girls Marching Band during their heyday!