It’s time to “Feel Good November”

Join us over November as we take you on a journey across Worcester Community Trust! #ADayatWCT #ChangingLives #Worcester

There’s so much more to Worcester Community Trust than even those benefiting from one of our projects realises – so over the next month we want to share with you the complete picture of what we do, and how people can benefit – very possibly dipping into several of our projects to find a complete package of support for a number of the situations they find themselves in.

Worcester Community Trust would like to invite you to follow its ‘Feel Good November’ initiative.  We would like to take you with us, and show you the great, diverse and life changing impact the Charity can have across communities, across families – on a regular basis.

WCT manages and runs 9 different projects across the City of Worcester and manages 6 community hubs across the city and the Building Block in Warndon, working with those who need support improving health and wellbeing, providing opportunities to those who are young and old in many different ways.

No two people are the same or have the same needs.  The work we do can be very different within the same project – our support can be tailormade to meet each need. People may be looking for skills in construction, meals for older people or its youth sessions or domestic abuse support project.

Take the journey that one person might need to follow with us. A person could walk into a centre one day, see a poster for the domestic abuse support project – DAWN – get the support needed from DAWN before moving into one of the empowering projects for women – called JOY, perhaps gain employment through one of our job coaches – take a course at the building block, then bring the kids along to a youth session. We support people from walking through the door on their whole journey, whatever that may be – every step of the way!

We want to take you on a journey across the charity during November. We want you to hear what impact we have had in so many different ways for so many people and see what difference we are making to their lives, their relationships, their families and their communities!

Do you have any idea what WCT has delivered in the way of support over the past eighteen months? This is your chance to find out.

With new projects launching, working with some of the most vulnerable people across the County, we hope you can see why our work is so important! 

Join us for the journey – find out what Worcester Community Trust is doing every day. And maybe how it can help you, or people you know who need the kind of support we can offer…