Extend is an exercise class for the over 50’s to improve strength, balance and increase stamina. The classes are very friendly, welcoming, great fun and exercising to great music and then after all the hard work, join us for a cuppa and a chat!

The Sessions run at The Ronkswood Hub and The Green Hub. (Click on the links for times and further details).

The cost is £3.00 per session

Call Sharon on 07785 998502 or email sharon@worcestercommunitytrust.org.uk

If you haven’t seen an Extend Class before, check out our video below.
Our class leaders are trained professionals and help you through the exercises but here is the British Heart Foundation handy guide to chair based exercise:

The six rules of chair-based exercise

  1. Always use a strong chair, preferably with armrests and not too soft. When you sit in the chair, your thighs should be parallel with the floor. See exercise one.
  2. Keep your arm and leg movements steady, as this will help avoid muscle and joint strain. In the early stages, move your arms or legs one at a time. As you get more skilful, you can combine arm and leg movements in the same exercise. Ten to 12 repetitions per minute are normally enough, but you are the best judge of what you can manage.
  3. Warm up and cool down. When you start moving, the blood supply to the heart muscle needs a few minutes to reach optimal flow. Any combination of these exercises can be done gently to warm up or cool down, while you can do them more vigorously for the main part of your exercise session.
  4. Don’t exercise too hard. Aim for moderate-intensity exercise, which means you are slightly breathless and perhaps warmer than usual. Some days or weeks may be better than others, so adjust the intensity of the exercise to how you’re feeling.
  5. Never hold your breath while exercising. You’d be surprised just how often we forget to breathe when lifting our arms and legs or staying balanced.
  6. Keep your arm exercise below head height. This means the heart doesn’t have to pump so hard against gravity and will help to reduce breathlessness.