Over the past few weeks Children from Mini Youth at Dines Green and older members of the Youth Club have been extremely busy making decorations for a very special Christmas Tree.

The Education at Worcester Cathedral department chose the Youth at Dines Green to decorate their tree for the Christmas Tree Festival which is held in the Cloisters at the Cathedral.

Over the past few weeks the children have spent their youth sessions making lots of wonderful decorations to adorn the tree and it now sits proudly in the Cloisters alongside 100 other trees made by all sorts of organisations, schools, charities and other groups. There is also a wonderful tree made by the STARS Day Centre who are based downstairs at The Horizon Hub.

The children & lead Youth Worker Alice have done a wonderful job and their efforts will be appreciated by thousands of visitors to the Cathedral over the Festive period!!

The Festival runs until 3rd January as is well worth a visit!! For further details visit: Worcester Cathedral Website