Worcester Community Trust offers a range of services and activities in Worcester working with young people, older people and families. We are always happy to hear from anyone looking to volunteer within their locality. If you have any of the following skills please get in touch: administrative skills, IT, catering, construction skills, working with young people, working with older people Or if you just enjoy working with people.

Volunteering –

  • Provides an exchange of skills and perspectives
  • Increases contact with communities we serve
  • Engages local people and assists them accessing opportunities
  • Helps us to meet the needs of the local community
  • enables volunteers to have fun

We welcome an interest in volunteering from everyone and want to encourage representation from a diverse range of people that reflect our communities throughout the city. Our volunteers will be supported with an induction on the work of the Trust, its staff, the role of a volunteer and training needed to succeed in the role.