A Snapshot from the day in the life of our Team Leader, Leonie Silk.

Today is a busy day, supporting Ronksy Youth Club at The Building Block, working with a group of young people on copper pipe work, soldering, measuring and cutting!
Ronkswood youthy had a lovely lunch which I missed out on as I had to get back to work on the applications for placements for this academic year. (We do only have limited spaces so if you are looking, please do contact leonie@worcestercommunitytrust.org.uk)

Also today I have been requesting references for all new volunteers (we do still have opportunities in all areas if you’re interested)
On the evening I was lucky enough to support a group of young people from Dines Green in delivering cakes to people who are homeless, the young people were surprised to be handed a certificate and a thank you card!

Really feeling lucky to be involved in this work.

Leonie Silk

For more information on The Building Block, click here and for more information on Ronksy Youth, click here.